Monday, July 28, 2008

My Weekend

Usually for the weekends, I stay in Haeundae or go to Centum City. Saturday, I went with my co-teacher, Sophie, to a Buddhist temple. It was in a completely different part of the city. We had to ride a bus for about twenty minutes. It was the first time that I had ridden a city bus in Korea. Every other time that I have needed to get somewhere I have gone by subway, walked, or took a taxi. We had to walk a little bit to get to it. It is along the sea so it has a nice view of the water. There were a lot of people there and the entire time that we were there, I saw about five other Westerners and it was not until we were leaving. Obviously, it is not a big tourist attraction. Later, we went to dinner. Sophie had been a a restaurant around there about three years ago, but she had a hard time finding it. We were going to eat at another restaurant but she did not think that it was very good because there were not many people there. We found the restaurant where she ate. It was a traditional Korean restaurant. We sat on mats on the floor. Each person got individual portions of pumpkin soup, rice, and seaweed soup. The waitress then brought over 20 dishes to share. The best way to eat it is for everybody to taste a little bit of everything. We could not eat everything.

Sunday, I decided to take a walk. I hiked up Dalmaji Hill. I live at the bottom of it. I heard that there was a good view from it. When I got to the top, I could not see much of the city because there were trees in the way. About halfway up (and down) I got a really good view of the bay. I could see all of Haeundae Beach, and the bridge by another beach. It was bit dark so maybe I'll take another walk up it when it is light.

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AnnG said...

Sounds like a great weekend of exploring, Josey! How was the seaweed soup? Should I concoct something similar for the next cookbook . . . ha!