Thursday, July 24, 2008

What a Hunk of Junk!

I have not been able to say that about any of the cars that I have seen around here in Pusan. In the past couple of days, I have noticed that most of the cars here are white, some shade of grey, or black. There are a few red cars, a few green, and a few blue, but they stand out. Most of the cars that people drive here are Hyundai, Daewoo, or Kia, since all three of those makes are South Korean. Most of the cars that I have seen here have been passenger cars--very few vans or SUVs. The cars that I see are all fairly new cars as well. Most of them have been made not more than ten years ago. I'd say that many cars out there were made in the last five years. I have not seen any cars with a lot of dents, dings, or mismatched doors, bumpers, etc. There are not many bikes here like there were in China. (Thank goodness! If you don't know why, just ask.) Most of the motorcycles that I have seen have been delivery men for restaurants. Unfortunately, they are allowed to drive on the sidewalk.


Debbie said...

I believe they told us when we were in Italy that it's actually ILLEGAL to drive a dented car around there. If there is an accident (and there are many; we saw one), they get it in to be repaired right away. Wondering if that is true in S.Korea too, or if they just take more pride in their cars than some Americans.

bygosch said...

Very interesting, Josey. Norm speculated that in S. Korea, cars are probably pretty expensive as a percentage of income, so people would take better care of them. Or people who were disinclined to care for their cars maybe are the same folks who couldn't afford one at all. It would be interesting to know the cost of a car there as a percentage of income.

We're really enjoying reading about your observations of life in S. Korea.