Thursday, November 13, 2008

Veteran's Day

Nobody got a three-day weekend for Veteran's Day, for obvious reasons. Korea does not have a Veteran's Day; it has a Memorial Day to honor those who fought for their country. It had been on my mind recently as to how Koreans feel about people in the military and people who have served. Last night, I asked someone at school who had served in the Korean Navy for three years. I got the answer that I kind of expected. He told me that they don't think it is a big deal because everybody has to. All Korean men have to serve in the military for at least two years. Around Korea, I have seen military men dressed in uniform. People just treat them like they are regular people. One time in the United States, I was walking to baggage claim at an airport and somebody thanked some active military members for their service. Once in Dear Abby, a man wrote in about somebody paying for his son's meal at a restaurant because the other man had wanted to buy a soldier a meal. I have not seen anything like that. I just suspect that they do not have assemblies in schools to honor those who have served the country and invite those that they know to come in and talk about their military experience.

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