Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas!

Christmas is not as big a holiday here as it is in the United States, but one cannot come here to escape it completely. About 25% of Koreans are Christian and so there are Christmas lights here. There are also a few Christmas trees. I see Christmas trees in several of the subway stations. Tonight I went to Home Plus and all the women (few men work at the check-out stands and at E-Mart, the men do not take people's money) at the check-out stands were wearing Santa hats. E-Mart sells a few Christmas trees and other decorations and there are toys in the Christmas section. I will have to work on Christmas, unlike most workers in the United States. Normally, our Thursday classes are from 3 to 7:45, but on that day, we are going to work early so that we can finish earlier in the day. We did that one other time, and it was nice to be done early. Other than that, Christmas will probably feel like just another day.

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