Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pogs: How Stupid!

When I was in elementary school, pogs were the popular toy. If you don't know what pogs are, look at the image on the right. They are little pieces of cardboard with pictures on either side. Kids would bring them to school and play with them during recess. I never played much because I did not have very many. They would put them out on the floor and play with a heavier one, usually metal, which was called the slammer. I remember that you could get them in Snyder's bread sacks. I had a cousin with a five-foot licorice tube full of them. Eventually the stupid things went out of style and some other toy became popular. Pogs have become the toy of Korean children right now. The kids bring them to English academy and play them before class and during the breaks. A couple of times, the kids came to me and wanted me to solve their disputes over the pogs. I told them that if they were going to fight over them then I was going to take them away. They then stopped fighting over them. I had a student who would bring a metal lunchbox to class. I thought it had his lunch in it but I saw what was in it and it was full of pogs. Another boys brings a bag full of pogs to class everyday. I have had to take them away from students because they were playing with them during class. Other teachers take them and then throw them away after class. In one class, I took away a couple and cut them up so they would not be a problem again. In that same class, a student gave me a couple becasue he wanted me to see them cut up. The stupid things are so annoying.

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AnnG said...

I guess because I don't have children, I'd never heard of "pogs," so I'm glad you explained them. No doubt there was some toy when I was in grade school (troll dolls?!) that were annoying to my teachers. There's always somethin'.