Thursday, December 25, 2008

What a Political Class!

Sometimes, the kids come up with strange things they want to go by. In one of my classes, a student decided he wants to go by Human, instead of his previous English name, Kevin. Today, one of the boys told me he wanted to go by Obama. Another boy wanted to go by Hillary. Another student in the class is Michelle, but she was not there today. As far as the US elections, I really only heard about them from the kids. They knew that Obama was going to be the new president. Shortly after the elections, one of the boys told me that Obama's father was from Kenya. Then, he told me that people in Kenya do not go to school and then he did some gesture that told me that he thought that Kenyans were primitive. This boy is a third grader and I don't think he had seen many Africans in person. Since I came here six months ago, I have seen probably fewer than a dozen people of African descent.

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AnnG said...

Interesting that the kids can pick their own "stage names." I wonder what I would have chosen when I was in grade school?!