Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Delicious! Delicious! Delicious!

In my classroom, there are various posters that have the names of themes and stories for each week. There is a trail that the stories go on. For one of the posters, the trail is along a dessert park. There is ice cream, cake, cookies, candy, pancakes, and other sweet foods. Today before class, there were three students in my lowest-level class--students who speak very little English. They were looking at the postera and saying 맛있겠다 (ma-shi-ge-tta). I told them to instead say "delicious." I then wrote on the board 디리샤으스 so that they could read how to say it. Then the three of them were dancing around and and singing "delicious, delicious, delicious." It was really cute to watch. They felt proud of themselves to learn a big new word like delicious. Their book teaches them words like pink, insect, nine, doll, ant, and dog--all words that are appropriate for a child who is not a native speaker of English and who has never studied the language before.

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