Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Traffic in Korea

The traffic here is just horrid. The people here drive about like the people in China and Bangkok. You just have to be assertive if you want to change lanes. The people drive on the same side of the road as the people in the United States. Since I am doing an easier program, I do not have training for as long during the day as most of the other instructors. Our bus driver picked us up just after one and we did not get back to our hotel. Usually, the ride is about a half hour at the most. People run red lights frequently. Today, on our afternoon ride, there was a bus that was very close to us--we could have shaken hands with the people in the other bus. I saw a corvette that had its entire front end smashed in and the police were directing traffic around it. The front bumper looked like it flew a ways, or that was somebody else's back bumper; I could not really tell. I'm just so glad that I do not have to drive in this mess.

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