Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Month Already!

I have been here in South Korea for a month now; I have been teaching for three weeks. It was a bit difficult the first day since I did not know any of the kids and it was my first time teaching ever. I now know all of the kids' names (most of them go by an English name for class) so that has helped to make things easier. There are two other foreign teachers and three Korean teachers at the school. In the program, the kids have a class with me for 40 minutes and a class with a Korean teacher for 40 minutes. In the seedbed level, there is no difference in what the Korean teacher and the foreign teachers teach, but in the seed, sprout, and sapling levels, the foreign teachers teach speaking and the Korean teachers teach reading and writing. In teaching the lessons, I have learned too. I had never heard of Heston Blumenthal or Admiral Yi-Sun Shin before I taught the lessons that mentioned those people.

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Rachel&Jason said...

Hey Josey--
Papa forwarded us your email, and I added a link from our blog to yours so others can read it too.
I do find it interesting that they still spank kids in school there.
Hope you are continuing to have a good time and learn a lot! Keep posting... we all find it interesting!