Saturday, November 8, 2008

Musical Classrooms

Tuesday I was not in my regular classroom. The air conditioner was broken and I am in the one classroom without any windows. It went on the fritz on Monday and for a couple of classes I told the kids that we could have the door open if they were quiet. This has happened one other time and so fans were brought in, but they just circulated the hot air and did not cool the room down. The students complained to me that they were hot and I was hot too. The problem was fixed and we were able to use my classroom on Wednesday and Thursday. Then yesterday, a man came in to fix the air conditioning. He did more than what was done before. He took it apart and drained the water from it. He had to rewire it. So for my first two classes we were in a different room because he wasn't finished 10 minutes before class started. I did not know how much longer he would be and so in order for us to be out of his way and for him to be out of our way, we went to another classroom. My Korean co-teacher has not been in her regular classroom all week because the LCD projector in her room is not working. Tuesday's kids and our first two classes on Friday went from one different classroom to another different classroom.

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