Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mystery Solved!

A while ago, I wrote a blog about how I saw four people in pajamas outside of E-Mart. I now know why people here sometimes walk around in their pajamas; they are sick. Last week I was walking to the subway station with a couple of my Korean coworkers. We passed by a couple of people wearing pajamas and I said that it was weird to see people in their pajamas. They told me that those people are sick and are in the hospital. They were probably going to the store to get a snack. Tonight, I was in a restaurant and a man and a woman came in and the man was wearing pajamas. I saw that he had a cast on his arm. Later, there was a man and a woman at the bus stop. The man was wearing pajamas. He was also hooked up to an IV and had the IV bag and rack there with him! I couldn't believe that somebody on a IV would be allowed to roam the streets like that. They wear pajamas here so they are covered, not like the hospital gowns that one has to wear two of to be covered.

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