Saturday, November 8, 2008

Scavenger Hunt

Last weekend I decided that I wanted to make an apple pie. Before I could do anything, I had to make sure that I could get everything that I would need. I went to Home Plus because I knew that I would not be able to buy a pie plate at E-Mart. I had a hard time finding one at Home Plus. It is owned by TESCO, a British company, so it has more in the way of Western cook and bake ware. I found a pie plate when I was about to give up looking. It was bigger than the ones that I have used before. This one had an 11-inch diameter. I also had to look for vanilla. I could not find anything like what I normally use. I had not seen any at Home Plus before nor at E-Mart. So I went to Lotte, a high-end department store with a grocery floor. There was nothing there. I saw an apple that was 5,000 won. I had not priced apples at other stores so I was not sure how much they cost here. It made me not want to make any pie if I was going to have to pay 5,000 won per apple. I went to Home Plus to look again and I found vanilla powder. I also found active dry yeast there as well so I can make bread. I made the pie Sunday night with Grandma's recipe. I took it to work Monday and people liked it. If one wants to make the kinds of things that one would make in the United States, it requires a little bit of planning ahead and improvisation. Until a few weeks ago, I could make things only on the stove top because I did not have an oven. Then, I bought a mini oven. It is a convection oven. It came with a cook booklet, but I cannot make anything in it because it is all in Korean. I won't be able to use it when I return to the United States because it runs on a different voltage. When I bake, I have to convert the oven temperatures because the temperatures in my cookbook are in Fahrenheit and the oven runs on Centigrade.

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Chris said...

So, what do the Koreans think of the US elections?