Saturday, December 27, 2008

Boys Don't Cry

That might be true in America, but it is definitely not try here in Korea. In my classes, I have had several more boys cry than girls. In several classes there are more boys than girls, but if boys did not cry, then it wouldn't matter how many boys and how few girls there were, there would still be more girls who cry than boys. I once asked somebody if Koreans thought it was okay for men to cry. He said that if a man were crying, then people would ask him what is wrong; they would not think he is a sissy or anything like that. As far as there being more boys than girls, it is because there are more males than females in Korea. Most people prefer sons over daughters because sons carry on the family name and the oldest son takes care of the parents when they are aged. Koreans do not have big families because educating children is very expensive here. People who have a son the first time around might stop having kids but people who have a daughter first do not stop at one. Every only child that I know of is male.

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Debbie said...

"Every only child that I know of is male."

Which is maybe why they cry. They are only children, used to being indulged, frustrated when things don't go their way.