Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I heard that from people in places that I went today. After work, I went to the subway station and people from the nearby church were passing out flyers and pieces of candy to people in the station. One of them told me Merry Christmas and I thought that she said it in English because I was a foreigner. Later, I went to Outback Steakhouse (no other foreigners were eating there) and while I was waiting, I heard Koreans saying it to other Koreans so I figured out that they were speaking Konglish, which is Korean that is borrowed from English and pronounced with Korean pronunciation and written in Hangeul. That is what I typed two posts ago. There were so many people on the subways that several people had to stand out of necessity, not by preference. Home Plus was pretty crowded as well with holiday shoppers.

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AnnG said...

Interesting to read your mention of "Konglish." Years ago when I edited a serger manual, it was written in a language that we all jokingly called "Japlish," which meant a poor translation from Japanese to English. My job was to clean it up and bring it up to American English standards. It sounds as if Konglish is a more "official" language than "Japlish."